Research Methodology Of The Research Approach

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This chapter outlines an overview of the research approach adopted in the study as well as the research methodology and the practical approach adopted to achieve the set objectives of the study. In addition, it also highlights the data collection methods, ethical considerations, and data analysis. Case studies will be used as a research strategy as they are distinguished by their ability to investigate a phenomenon which, in this case, will be the upgrading heritage buildings through sustainable designs and construction. The chapter also rationalizes the sampling approaches and the research methods used for collecting the data in the case studies. To achieve the objectives, data for this study will be collected using two qualitative research methods: document analysis and semi-structured interviews which were used to give a scholarly definition of the term “sustainable adaptation to heritage sites and buildings” which is part of the objectives. The chapter also looks at the qualitative analysis techniques which will be used to analyze the data. 3.2 Research approach The difference between qualitative and quantitative research is basically a methodological issue and the researcher’s decision to choose a specific research approach should be based on its suitability to answer the established research questions (Bryman, 1992). A qualitative approach according to (Creswell, 2003) should be a logical subjective approach and should be able to describe experiences and
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