Research Paper On Pragmatism

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CHAPTER 6: METHODOLOGY This chapter consists of the methodology, which is the process by which the proposed solution will be tested. An explanation of the adopted philosophy, approach, strategy and research design, data collection and analysis methods, ethics and limitations of the research are outlined. 6.1 Philosophy This dissertation will act as a consultancy report and will guide and stimulate prospective organizational decisions. As the objectives set support action, the appropriate philosophy for this research is pragmatism. Furthermore, as this study will adopt multiple methods, advocating the pragmatist’s view supports that it is possible to work with different philosophical positions. Therefore, adopting the pragmatism philosophy will enrich the study and enable to collect relevant, reliable and credible data (Saunders, Research Methods for Business Students, 2012) 6.2 Approach Instead of deductive or inductive forms of approach this thesis will be based on abductive reasoning. Applying this approach will help uncover surprising facts during the research. Its innovative and creative stand is therefore favored over that of other approaches. Furthermore, the data obtained through the exploration has been sufficient in order to create a conceptual framework, thereby building up the theory…show more content…
The first phase is a semi-structured, non-standardised, face-to-face interview in order to explore the demands and needs of Hoegen’s clients. The interview method has been chosen as it has been found that managers, the targeted participants, are more likely to agree to be interviewed, especially where the topic is relevant and interesting to their current work. Furthermore, ensuing a conversation open to discussion will promote further comments and provide an important background to the study (Saunders, Research Methods for Business Students,
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