Research Study On Astrid Young

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Introduction This case study discusses Astrid Young, a 27 year old who was a graduate at Western State University. Young had graduated with a B.S. degree in Management Information Systems. And got a job as the Information Services Director at the Western Oceanography Institute. Young used her past experience on the NT conversion project to convince the directors during the interview that she was the right person for the job. After getting the job, she successfully convinces the directors to approve the shift to the Microsoft NT conversion from Windows 95. The conversion project is faced with a number of challenges and are brought to the attention of the directors who in turn seek answers from Young. This case study also seeks to highlight …show more content…

Allowing frequent changes in the project scope is dangerous and disastrous if it is not accepted by the stakeholders involved (Larson & Gray, 2011). Although Young has a lot of experience in conversion projects and has gone through four of them, she ignored essential program management tools that would have bailed her out from her current problems. The directors were not happy that they made aware of the challenges of the project. This means that the executives were not getting regular briefings on the implementation processes. Lastly, the project was disrupted and went beyond its planned schedule, thus failing to meet its projected timeline. Solution to the case problem According to Zettler & Lang (2013), allocating the employees with specific skills to best suit them is critical. An employee who is inadequately trained or inexperienced should be monitored and guided. In our case study, Eggert had a bad history with her work. Although she proved her worth, Eggert should be closely monitored to avoid repetition of the same mistakes. The problem of lack of support by the stakeholders and various departments would be solved by giving a good delivery while presenting the project. This should be done by outlining the significance of the conversion project to every individual and department. The planning will help stakeholders own the project and will eventually lead to the success of its implementation (Larson & Gray, 2011). Young should have found a way to find the

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