Research Study, Utilization of Mobile Financial Services Among UM CBAE Students

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METHOD In this chapter, it presented the discussions of the research design, the procedure of conducting the study and identifying the respondents, the instrument used and statistical tools employed. Research Design The study entitled ‘Utilization of Mobile Financial Services Among UM CBAE Students’ was a quantitative research that serves to supply the general populace with the necessary information. The research design that will be used in the conduct of the study is a descriptive survey method where it can easily determine the current profile of the CBAE students of University of Mindanao. The study can also determine the significant differences among groups of respondents. Their similarities and differences are ascertained and …show more content…

The scale of instrument use from the study is (5-1) which means: Scale Range Descriptive Values Interpretation 5 4.60-5.00 Every time (Everyday) The respondents totally agree on the statement. 4 3.60-4.50 Almost every time (5 times a week) The respondents somehow agree on the statement. 3 2.60-3.50 Occasionally/Sometimes (3 Times a week) The respondents either agree or disagree. 2 1.60-2.50 Almost never (2 or 1 in a week) The respondents somehow disagree on the statement. 1 1.00-1.50 Never (0) The respondents totally disagree on the statement. Data Gathering Procedure In gathering the research, there are certain data, which the following procedure is conduct: 1. Permission to conduct study required from the Dean of College of Business Administration Education in University of Mindanao. 2. After the grant of the permission, the questionnaires are explain and administered to the respondent. 3. After finishing the survey, the questionnaire is match and tabulated in a spreadsheet program and a statistical program is use to answer the research problems. Statistical Treatment of Data The data obtained from the respondents were tabulated systematically to better obtain more accurate results in relation to the varying elements of the target population. The statistical tools used in treating the problem were the following: Frequency and Percentages - It

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