Research Topics On Web Mining

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Web is a collection of inter-related files on one or more web servers while web mining means extracting valuable information from web databases. Web mining is one of the data mining domains where data mining techniques are used for extracting information from the web servers. The web data includes web pages, web links, objects on the web and web logs. Web mining is used to understand the customer behaviour, evaluate a particular website based on the information which is stored in web log files. Web mining is evaluated by using data mining techniques, namely classification, clustering, and association rules. It has some beneficial areas or applications such as
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1. INTRODUCTION Web mining is the application of data mining technique which is an unstructured or semi-structured data and it automatically discovers and extracts potentially useful and previously unknown information or knowledge from the web. The significant web mining applications are website design, web search, search engines, information retrieval, network management, E-commerce, business and artificial intelligence, web market places and web communities. Online business breaks the barrier of time and space as compared to the physical office business. Big companies around the world are realizing that e-commerce is not just buying and selling over Internet, rather it improves the efficiency to compete with other giants in the market. This application includes the temporal issues for the users. []
Web mining has three classifications namely, web content mining, web structure mining and web usage mining. Each classification is having its own algorithms and tools. Web content mining is nothing but the discovery of valuable information from web documents and these web documents may contain text, image, hyperlinks, metadata and structured records. It is used to look at the information by search engine or web spiders i.e. Google, Yahoo. It is the process of retrieving the useful information from the web content or web documents. Web structure mining is also a process of discovering
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