Resourcing Talent Study Guide

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|Unit title |Resourcing Talent |
|Level |3[1] |
|Credit value |6 |
|Unit code |3RTO |
|Unit review date |Sept. 2011 |

Purpose and aim of unit
Organisational success …show more content…

Recruitment: different recruitment channels, for example internal and external advertisements, internet sites, agencies, ‘head hunters’, job fairs, application forms, electronic recruitment. Selection: traditional and modern approaches; selection policies; selection process; screening applications and developing long and shortlists; competence-based approaches; candidate assessment methods; psychometric tests; interviews (face-to-face/telephone, individual/panel).

3. Be able to contribute to the recruitment and selection interviewing process for a job role. Recruitment: systematic recruitment cycle and awareness of relevant documentation, for example authority to recruit forms and job requisitions; writing job descriptions using an appropriate model, for example seven-point plan; writing person specifications; writing job advertisements and selecting appropriate media for internal and external advertisement; managing application forms; provide advice to managers on recruitment. Selection: provide advice to managers on selection; screening applications; drawing up shortlists with relevant colleagues; organising interviews; organising assessments (health and/or psychometric); contribute to face-to-face and/or telephone interviews with an interview panel; maintaining appropriate records; making internal/external appointments; writing employment offer letters/rejection letters.

4. Understand

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