Resurrection Movie Analysis

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Sexual freedom is often associated with witches and witchcraft. Many shamans, as well as psychologists, emphasis the healing nature of a healthy sexuality in both the physical body and the spirit. The film, Resurrection (1980), directed by Daniel Patrie, Edna MayMcCauley obtains supernatural healing powers after being involved in a car accident which ends with her husband's death and her being paralyzed from the waist down. At the beginning of the film (before the accident), Edna and her husband have sex after a day at the beach. This depicts a healthy and respected act of sexuality; having sex while married, compared to having sex out of marriage, is widely accepted by different societies. Edna comes from a highly religious community which would encourage sex after marriage. The sexual act is a controlled spiritual act in itself, two souls combining into one. After the death of her husband, Edna returns to her hometown with her father in an attempt to work on her physical health. At a family gathering, Edna unknowingly heals a child with a chronic nosebleed, causing the community to be suspicious her afterwards. Notably, Earl Carpenter, who preaches about damnation and the power of Christ, looks at Edna with a look of anger and disgust as if she’s a witch. Afterwards, her grandmother confronts her about the dreams she’s been experiencing, in which her grandmother states that she may have healing powers that have been given to her by a higher power. As a result, Edna looks

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