Review Of ' The Lady With The Toy Dog '

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The thought that a fictitious movie like Twilight is actually affecting women seems almost bizarre. You may wonder how it’s even possible that we can be so easily influenced by what some consider an “aimless series of vampire books”. However, it’s a proven fact that our brains react to fiction tales and they can indeed impact us in ways we could only imagine. A study was done in 2009 at the University of Toronto in Canada testing the hypothesis that art can cause significant changes in the experience of one’s own personality traits under laboratory conditions. According to the research journal, On Being Moved by Art: How Reading Fiction Transforms the Self, created by several authors: After completing a set of questionnaires, including the Big-Five Inventory (BFI) and an emotion checklist, the experimental group read the short story The Lady With the Toy Dog by Chekhov, while the control group read a comparison text that had the same content as the story, but was documentary in form. The comparison text was controlled for length, readability, complexity, and interest level. Participants then completed again the BFI and emotion checklist, randomly placed within a larger set of questionnaires. The results show the experimental group experienced significantly greater change in self-reported experience of personality traits than the control group, and that emotion change mediated the effect of art on traits. The findings of this research, along with plenty of other studies
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