Review Of Using Constructionism Learning Theory

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By using constructionism learning theory, the classes of the data system for JCTS can be divided into four categories:
• Non-human resource (Learning resources): many n-part relationships are identified in the EF (Entity Framework) database. o Learning Objects metadata: Job Techniques. One Technique is one job competency, which is the objective of learning. o Learning Activities: These Activities can be learning activities identified for achieving a particular job Technique during a job form creation, and also the instructional activities applied by the trainee in the job form submitted.
• Human Resource: identification and authorization for each user. o Available source for each learner o Available source for each lead engineer
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Windows authentications are assigned to the users’ account which makes the system more secure. Role Based Access Control (RBAC) is used to control the access of data by different roles of users. For example: an engineer cannot edit a particular job Technique after logging into the system, although an administrator has the ability to CRUD (create, read, update and delete) any job Technique in the system.
Technically, JCTS is based on B/S structure and programmed by ASP.NET technology. All kinds of database access are done by using EF to call SQL Server stored procedures with ADO.NET technology. The user web interface is developed by razor html page style and colour scheme is controlled by Bootstrap. Web interaction is programmed by jQuery. The system operation is stable and reliable, basically achieved all design features.
3.3 Implementation
The web-based job competency tracking application JCTS is built on 3-Tier arch by using ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Bootstrap, C#.NET, Entity Framework and Microsoft SQL Server. Because of the limitation of length, we presents only one activity diagram for the class “Activity” as an example to show how MVC is implemented in the code source of JCTS. Figure 13 - Activity Diagram for the class Activity in JCTS
(Green: view pages; Orange: controller; Yellow: model)
In conclusion, the proposed system JCTS is a web app where an engineer can submit her/his job form for a specific job Technique. Lead
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