Ricoh 's Brand, An International Leader Of The Digital Imaging And Document Management Essay

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Ricoh’s brand was an international leader in the digital imaging and document management industry. Ricoh Canada Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ricoh Americas Corporation with a head office in Toronto and headquartered office in Japan. The primary source of Ricoh’s revenue – delivery and maintenance of printing and copying devices to different customer segments. As of 2012 CEO of Ricoh admitted that the technological advancement disrupted RCI legacy business and thus create a lot of issues to the company. The primary issue that Ricoh has been facing is inability to prepare and develop company to future forecasts that has been made towards the changes in the industry that leaded the company to unsuccessful reaction of quick establishment of the environment where company could grow along with customer’s trends in their demands. This report shows full identification and analysis of primary issue, provides
As of 2012 consumers in a face of medium-sized businesses were identified as a high users of digital services and was accounted for 42% of service spending population with a following future growth (1.2.1). Moreover, Ricoh’ management team has found that Canadian service market generated US$ 24 billion in 2012. Comparing to RCI primary source of revenue – legacy business market was five time smaller (1.2.1). All this industrial changes were affected by technological advancement in tablet and mobile devices network as well as the significant

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