Role Of A Leader 's Top Responsibilities

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Seagram was challenged with maintaining a good image to their employees as well as the public. Much of the challenge involved the lack of communication. According to Tay, Ang, and Hegney (2012), effective communication is defined as “a two-way process – sending the right message that is also being correctly received and understood by the other person” (p.2648). In order to communicate effectively, leaders must be active listeners, understand how perception influences actions, and understand the impacts of the lack of communication. In addition, communication is an essential element in enhancing value change in companies. The values must be well presented, understood for the implementation to be a success. One of a leader’s top responsibilities is to communicate expectations clearly and accurately to followers. Seagram had to change every aspect of the way that it was managed. They had to unlearn their old culture and new values had to be reinforced.
Diagnosis of current situation: Unfortunately, the company is configured in a hierarchical style, which does not allow innovation, effective communication, or customer focus. Seagram was faced with several challenges in the 1990’s such as; increased liquor taxes, a recession, and increased regulations. Nonetheless, they set out to become the best managed company. The needed an effective plan to implement for cultural differences and to change the behaviors at Seagram. The leaders of the organization desired to create a climate

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