Role Of Family Factors On Influencing The Environment

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2. Roles of family factors on influencing the CBBE
As mentioned in the introduction, Gil, Andrés and Salina (2007) have mentioned that family can affect brand awarenss, associations and perceived quality of a brand. Brand awareness is linked with brand salience. It refers to the ability of customers to recognise a brand in various circumstances. It can be seperated into breadth and depth of brand awareness. Breadth of awareness represents the different circumstances among various products offered that customers can recall the brand. Depth of awareness represents the degree to which a customer can recall a brand (Keller K. L., 1993). Values and memories of a family can influence customers to perceive the brand (Gil, Andrés and Salina, …show more content…

It can enhance loyalty of customers to the brand (Gil, Andrés and Salina, 2007). Moreover, reputation and socio-economic background of the family are interrelated to brand resonance. Socio-economic background of a family can foster or destroy loyalty. Japan has a culture which focus on collectiveness and social loyalty. But plutocrat such as Toyota in Japan can destroy this social loyalty by not sharing capital and technologies to others (Gu, Hung and Tse, 2008). Furthermore, Gu, Hung and Tse (2008) have discovered that Guanxi can generate reputation of both the family and the business. Guanxi is the social network of a firm to establish competitive advantage in the business environment. It is popular in the Chinese culture by leveraging guanxi to deal with business matters. Guanxi can be kinships or other social bonds of the family within the society. They can be treated as family reputation and are valuable social capital to the family owned firms (Wright and Kellermanns, 2011). These social capital can affect the relationship with customers, especially with channel members. They can also affect brand performance. However, this can be weakened by increasing competition in the market (Gu, Hung and Tse, 2008).
As for brand performance, Gu, Hung and Tse (2008) suggested that Guanxi, which represents the reputation and socio-economic background of the family can affect

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