Role Of The Social Worker And How And Why They Become Involved With Individuals

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Consider the values, skills and knowledge that are needed by social workers in order to help service users make informed decisions about their lives, particularly where an element of risk may be involved. Draw on examples from the module materials, and, if you wish, from your own practice and experience, to illustrate your answer.

In the following assignment I will discuss the role of the social worker and how and why they become involved with individuals and in most cases their families. I will discuss how Social Workers support service users in making decisions about their lives and what other factors play a part in the social work process. I will be focussing on Adults as this is the area that I am currently working in although I will reference other service areas.

I will also define service user empowerment in the planning of their care and explore how care management policy aims to empower those in need. I will then look at risk management, and explore what risks are associated with care and support, and evaluate how risk can be minimised, managed and monitored, including risks to the health and welfare of informal carers.

I will use the case of L, a lady who I am currently working with to discuss the problems that Social Workers face when promoting independence clashes with the risks associated with it.

Social Workers rarely come into people 's lives when everything is working well - The role of a social worker is to shield vulnerable people, develop

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