Role of Social Media in Knowledge Sharing

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Knowledge Sharing Using Social Media Introduction A colleague and I decided to write an e-book on area of mutual interest, photography. As this project required the sharing of many photographs that are protected under our copyrights and a large volume of text we chose to create a knowledge-sharing system. The first part of the knowedlge sharing system is a password-protected Account on Flickr that enables each of us to upload our photographs in confidence they will stay outside the public domain while we work. We created a separate system fro our writing. A password-protected area of Google Docs is used for managing the outlines of the documents and the working drafts of the e-book. An external blog is used for getting feedback on the e-book's written content using a technique many consider to be crowdsourcing. These specific platforms are all accessible via mobile devices, and also across various operating systems incouding Apple iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows. Analysis of Knowledge Sharing Project Effectiveness As my colleague and I are very busy and have little time to actually get together in person, our goal for the collaboration was to share our own unique photographs without having to risk their copyrights being compromised before publication of the book. Second, we wanted to have a place online to share ideas as they occurred to us. We needed to have this be a secure area as well, yet accessible from any device at any time. Google Docs was perfect for
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