Role of Teacher

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PTLLS course May 2013 Evaluate your role of teacher/trainer explaining its responsibilities (including the promotion of equality and valuing diversity) and limits. A/1.2 A/1.3 A/1.4 There are 5 stages to the teaching Learning Cycle. Enabling Learning Planning Learning Assessing Learning Quality assurance & evaluation Identifying Learning The learning cycle can start and finish anywhere on the cycle. There is no start and finish point. Identifying needs Before the students start the course a lot of pre assessment work can be completed, this can take the form of application forms and / or a pre course interview. The student needs can be clearly identified to ensuring the correct course has been identified for the…show more content…
age sex and then work out the percentages. The use of the correct language without using Jargon or in house terms will help not ostracize learners who do not know what the phrases may mean. As the lecturer is conducting a session it may be appropriate to modify the lesson plan that was scheduled to being delivered due to the speed of the class, a big class tends to take longer to cover topics than smaller classes, also other learning points may arise which are too important to pass over. The use of good listening techniques, not being judgmental and getting students to be reflective in their thoughts can be very powerful, e.g. asking other students what they think may be the answer to a question raised by a student. Asking open questions then closed to gain further understanding. Eye contact by the lecturer is also very important to engage everyone, although starring too much can be off putting.If any students are absent then the lecturer can ensure the student has access to missed learning content, e.g. all course notes and presentations are kept on the college’s intranet, accessible to all students at any time. Assessing Learning The lecturer will have to check at different stages that the students have gained the necessary skills and knowledge. There is a large array of methods of assessing learning, from getting the students to
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