Roles And Responsibilities Of Teachers

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Academic report: The role of teachers
Roles and responsibilities of teachers
Ultimately, the role of the teacher is to advance student learning. Although I am not presently employed as a teacher, after many years as a student I have come to appreciate that it is the teachers who supported me in my quest for understanding as a person and as a learner that I valued the most and whose lessons remained with me many years later. A teacher can be friendly, but being a good teacher is not synonymous with being a 'best friend' and only requiring the class to do what it wants to do. Conversely, a good teacher is not simply a disciplinarian. The teacher needs to be responsive to the needs of students and be willing to listen to their input and feedback from formative learning assignments such as quizzes and essays. Although the teacher may be the guiding intelligence that steers the class in its ultimate direction, the teacher must still be in dialogue with what students are telling him or her along the way and be willing to change course when necessary to arrive with all students 'on board.' Particularly with adult students who bring the richness of their perspective to the classroom, teachers must have an 'ear' for student concerns.
Teachers must be responsive to the needs of different student learners. Although all teachers are required to have their students meet certain, basic standards of the state on standardized tests and also fulfill the requirements of the school,

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