Roll Royce Case Study Essay

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Unit 2
Rolls Royce Corporation
Case Study 2.1

In this case I believe the key to solving Rolls Royce’s issue boils down to stakeholder management. Identifying the stakeholders along with their levels of interest and power allowance will definitely help them begin to get organized to move forward with resolving any concerns within the connected parties. Based on the fact that they have been in business for over 120 years, I believe Rolls Royce has stood the test of time. At this point I think they are a standalone company that should strive to be the leader of cutting edge technology for jet engines. “To be trusted to deliver Excellence” is their motto and I believe if they start adding partnerships that they may lose that concept
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I believe this is a key step in creating that strategy. After you have profiled all of your stakeholders you can then utilize an Influence/Interest Map. This is where you map out the potential impact each stakeholder may have on the project. In the case of Rolls Royce the map would look similar to what is described in the Illustration. Based on the influence and interest analysis and chart below, stakeholders D & E will require minimal management effort as they would reside in the lower left quadrant of the matrix. Stakeholder F, which would be in the upper left quadrant, must be kept satisfied by ensuring concerns and questions are addressed adequately. Stakeholder A, B & C, would be in the mid to upper right quadrant, and must be kept informed through frequent communication on project status and progress as well as be involved in all levels of project planning and change management. Key | Organization | Power (1-5) | Interest (1-5) | A | Customers | 3 | 5 | B | Governments | 3 | 5 | C | Defense Contractor | 3 | 5 | D | Labor Force | 1 | 4 | E | Suppliers | 1 | 3 | F | Rolls Royce | 5 | 5 | So how do we manage our stakeholders? We decide who needs the most attention. In general, the people who use this model would say that you should expend most of your energy on the people who can be most
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