Romantic Love And The Death Of A Relationship

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For a human, being alone in life is probably one of the most difficult problems in life a person can face. For any human it is better to face life with a partner then to face it alone. Falling in love takes on somewhat of a priority in life, in order to not be alone. When facing the issues both good and bad in life, handling them with a partner is better than handling it alone. For most people falling in love and remaining in love takes on a high expectation in their lives. It is these high expectations that can actually turn out to be very detrimental to a relationship. High expectations for a relationship will begin with the selection of a partner, to the commitment of the relationship and in the length in time of the relationship. The present paper will indicate a progression along with insight into the initial attraction, romantic love, and the death of a relationship. Focusing on the various high and possibly detrimental expectations in a relationship would make for a more realistic approach towards a more successful relationship.
When meeting someone that catches a person’s attention would their response to this attention being eagerly or elusive pave the way for a long term and successful relationship? Higher expectations for an intense long term romantic love is realistic standard that couples can strive for today. The concept of marriage seems to have a very strong attraction for most people, so much that with a 50/50 chance of survival still 95% of
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