Running Head : Apple Inc.

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Running head: APPLE INC. Apple Inc. is a technological corporation that offers personal communication devices and the solutions to the related software,. The products produced by Apple Inc. include; iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Television, iPod, software applications, the iOS and OSX operating systems, iCloud, and many different accessories and the support offerings. Apple Inc. is also a supplier of digital content and applications via the services and support offerings. The products sell across the globe through the retail stores, the online stores, and direct sales force and also through a third part cellular carriers, wholesalers and retailers. Moreover, Apple has also managed its business on the geographic basis of America, Europe and Japan. Every operating segment provides similar hardware and software, and services. The segment of America is made up of the North and the South America. The Europe region is made up of all the European nations and India. The Middle Asia region comprises of Australian nations, and the Asian countries. However, the rest of the organization operates in other regions across the globe. Over the past years, Apple has emerged among the successful corporations and its products have dominated the market attracting consumers from different parts of the works. The products of Apple are also among the most trusted products electronic devices across the world despite the prices of these products on the market. Like any other

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