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Ryan’s Restoration & Repair: “Bringing vehicles back to life and keeping them on the road.”

If you had to start your own business tomorrow, what would it be? I would start a repair shop that would be able to perform signature classic car restorations, auto repair, motor cycle, boats and tractors.
What is your mission? Our mission is to provide top notch quality repairs and exceptional customer service. Gaining trust and building relationships while continuing to exceed our customers’ expectations is the root of our business.
How would you instill a vision? Instilling the vision is simple. Our technicians and other employees are always working to build the best relationships with our customers while creating the highest level of …show more content…

Result: The threat to new entrants is HIGH; therefore, the industry attractiveness is LOW.

-Bargaining power of suppliers The bargaining power of suppliers is moderately high in the auto repair industry. If a person wants there vehicle repaired at a shop, a shop can offer them a variety of product lines in order to fix their vehicle. There are Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM) parts which come directly from the vehicle manufacture such as Ford Motor Company. There are also several aftermarket brands that a person good choice from as well which is usually a much cheaper option. Based on the age and part of the vehicle that needs to be replaced determines normally what the customer will ask for. For example, if a person wants a new set of shocks for their vehicle they can have installed Motor Craft which is Ford’s OEM Brand or they could purchases aftermarket shocks from Monroe, Rancho or KYB. In other instances many auto parts have been remanufactured or rebuilt by certain manufactures so it allows a customer a few other paths to go down in order have their vehicle fixed. There are many industries that have entered the market as suppliers because of how many opportunities that are currently in the industry. Many companies such as HP and Mobil are partnered in the diesel oil market. Since there are several suppliers in the auto industry, each

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