SLA Administration Scenarios

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Team- It is time to tighten up! I ran a report last week and noticed some of you did not follow instructions regarding coverage in my absence. This a reminder when one fall we all fall. CSD has always been in the business of keeping each other up to part so that the customer can look at CSD as a reliable team. I am noticing there is a lacking. This email is not to critize any one, this e-mail is to bring awareness to the entire team. I cannot stress enough how important SLA's are. E-mails has a 4 hour turn around if there is down time the e-mails , csd queue , onestops , and ASAPs request should all be submitted on time. The next person in line should take the voicemail check list with the agent is on lunch. ( If there is communication…show more content…
IF it is your lunch hour and by chance its only on person left on the phone, calls are holding in queue DO NOT TAKE LUNCH until the queue is cleared or someone return back to the room. Start using Lync communicator or Dell communicator to let each other know you are leaving the room. Work and unavailable time does matter. When you are sitting in unavailable or work for more than 5 minutes this affects the average score of the team. Please remain considerate of the other agents on the phone. Log in and log out times, IF you work 10hrs shift or 8 hours shift your time must reflect also any overtime worked. No one is an exception for shift coverage. If there is not a volunteer moving forward I will be delegate agents to cover shifts in the absent of another agent. If there is no call or no show or an agent cannot work the shift to cover reach out to another agent to see if the shift can be covered. If there is no coverage this will result in a write up. Things to remember - Take accountability of your actions Help with coverage. No one person should not have to always cover
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