Sample Resume : Selling Process

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Selling is a process that involves an interaction between a potential buyer and a seller hired by a company to sell its products to potential buyers. Selling can be divided into two types. Personal Selling- Personal selling can be defined as a personal, face to face selling between a seller and a buyer. Personal selling is highly effective when the product is of high value or is a technically difficult product. Example- Property Dealers Relationship Selling- Relationship selling or consultative selling involves creating long term relationship with the consumer in order to sell a product or service. Relationship selling also helps in increasing customer loyalty. The emphasis in relationship selling is on a long term relationship…show more content…
These ads are often followed by a short survey that can be accessed by sales representatives which can later result in generating sales leads. • Publicity- Publicity on television, newsletters, magazines help in generating sales leads. • Cold Calling- It’s a form of lead generation technique in which the salesperson approaches potential buyers without any prior knowledge about the customers’ needs, wants or financial status. • Networking- Another important way of generating leads is through networking. This is as simple as contacting your family, your friends, former colleagues and existing clients for generating leads and identifying potential customers. Sales professionals are also using LinkedIn to generate leads and clients all over the world. • Trade shows- Trade shows are an excellent opportunity for generating sales leads. By setting up a kiosk at a trade show you can collect information about potential buyers and customers. • Telemarketing and Teleprospecting- Telemarketing and Teleprospecting are two different things. In telemarketing companies generally employ the services of a telemarketing firm that employs operators who read from an already prepared script. These operators sell a product or service directly to the public over the phone. Whereas in Teleprospecting trained operators are employed in order to contact the target business or customers. The major difference is
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