Samsung Organizational Culture

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Samsung Group is an international corporation company from South Korean. It develops variable business areas such as food processing, electronics, textiles, securities insurance and retails. Especially, electronics like mobiles, laptops, televisions and semiconductors become the main source of their income in the global market. In 2010, Samsung Electronics becomes the largest information and technology organization in the world.
Samsung is very focused on how increasingly build up the organizational culture because the company hopes their employees can work in a good environment so help them enrich full of pride, respect and being ownership of the part of organization. For example, one of the Samsung industrial subsidiaries-Samsung …show more content…

According to the creative, innovative and flexible organizational culture, Samsung Electronics has set up diversity management to set employees apart and help them compete in their industry. Regardless of country, area, race, gender, origins or others, Samsung advocates everyone having a voice to express their idea or opinions. In this free workplace, everyone is expected to have their own prominent performance which invisibly increases an internal competitive environment. Although employees are worked together, they would compete and eagerly express their talent to develop new products.
In the other hands, they offer lots of programs to support women to work. For example, they allow female employees with children under 12-year-old to get a flexible schedule and leave early. Also, they built up lots of child care centers up to 1430; increase the networking and education programs to absorb more women to join the Samsung Electronics Company. In the company, there are 1100 disabled people and increasingly provide opportunities to help them build their careers. In 2011, they separately set up a recruitment program to help them to learn more expert and technical knowledge. By expansion of In-house Child Care facilities and Recruitment Program, even although Samsung set employees apart, they retain lots of excellent female and disabled employees to present their creativity

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