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Saxonville Sausage Company Case study analysis 1. What is the current situation? The current date is March 2006 and Ann Banks, the new product marketing director of the Saxonville Sausage company has to present her plan, developed after a serious research process, for launching a national Italian sausage brand, in order for the company to achieve its profit objectives for the next fiscal year. Saxonville was a 70-year-old, family business, which produced a variety of pork sausage products. The company had the following branded products: * Bratwurst: 70% of the company’s revenues * Breakfast sausage: 20% of revenues * Italian sausage, named Vivio: 5% of revenues * Store brand products: 5% of revenues The current situation…show more content…
This gave women near the good mother feeling also a good „meal-maker”. 4. What alternative do you recommend and why? While in the fourth phase of the research – the quantitative testing – both the “Family Connection” and the “Clever Cooking” positioning option seemed viable, I would only focus on one of them. The “Family Connection” scored the better points, but very few people said that they would definitely buy the product with such positioning. The reason behind this can be that the majority of Italian foods are associated with the idea of family. Many other sausage brands are already built on the same idea. However, if Saxonville would try a completely new association with the Italian brand, it would stand out from the crowd. Since there is no current “Clever Cooking” marketing campaign yet, it will be rather unique and harder to duplicate. With redefining the whole concept and all the marketing mix elements the company will be able to give people a new thought about Italian brands. Other aspects like creative cooking, self-confidence in their own meal and the quick and easy attribute should also be emphasized with the help of other marketing mix elements. 5. What tactics should accompany the product launch? By continuing the idea from the previous question I would say that, before launching the product, further research and

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