Scenario 1:. In This Scenario, I Would Use The Open Space

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SCENARIO 1: In this scenario, I would use the Open Space method to get a resolution from the senior managers. By using this method of resolution, the managers could get into small groups to converse about what their concerns and how they think that the company as a whole could fix the issue and move forward. This method would involve brainstorming, gathering options, choosing the best options and use them in new research ideas and attractive funding. With Open Space Technology, its characteristics would involve there being no actual leaders set in place so that everyone has an equal ground to state their concerns and ideas about how to fix the issue. Next, there would be a collective responsibility for all members to …show more content…

No one likes a dictator that comes in from outside the company and starts setting new rules and standards with no input from employees that have been working for the company. From the sounds of the scenario, these issues aren’t detrimental to the company’s success and growth. But they need to be addressed and resolved to ensure the company doesn’t have to deal with any major problems down the road and avoid a “plateau” in the future. At the end of the social Open Space event, the CEO should take all professional opinions and possible solutions into account and sit down with the senior management to go over the results of the Open Space event. Then evaluate what they would think that would be the best and most successful decision to make to solve the issues at hand. Lastly, the new CEO should have a company social event to present his findings and explain the resolutions that have been decided on to fix the issues discussed. By identifying the problem, gathering possible solutions, making a tentative plan, making necessary movements, reconnoitering the situation, completing the plan, issuing the complete order (publishing the resolution found) and supervising the plan of action, the CEO can be successful in fixing the issues and moving forward and starting out on “the right foot” in this new company that he has taken leadership of.

SCENARIO 3: In this scenario, the

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