Scholarship : Explain What It Means To Be A Successful Student

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Catherine Cuthrell (at least 7-10 sentences)

1. Scholarship: Explain what you think it means to be a successful student. In my opinion, I think a successful student is someone who takes their education seriously and who puts their best effort into every assignment. A student who is able to convey their understanding of what is being taught and apply it to their work as well as demonstrate through life skills. A successful student not only completes the task at hand but challenges themselves and strives for opportunities to grow. They allow themselves to maintain a positive attitude and accept failure as long as they tried their very best. They are a student who is responsible for how involved they are in their studies and who will make an effort to ask for help or guidance to gain a better understanding of information. They are active participants in class and they motivate themselves by setting academic goals to enhance their productivity and to have something to look forward to, whether it be career oriented or not. A successful student should be productive within the community, be well invested in school activities, act as a strong leader and a good influence for other students. Also, they may learn time management and being able to maintain a healthy balance between school and a social life continuing to thrive outside of an educational environment.

2. Character: Academic dishonesty has become a major problem in schools today.
What do you think the school and

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