School Dress Code Essay

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School dress code can be classified as sexist and irrelevant because it draws negative attention to what students wear, limits dress options, also it implies that girl are defined by what they wear. While I was in middle school my best friend at the time would always wear the same pair of ripped jeans every day. Her family didn’t have the most money, so those jeans were her only pair. Everyday while walking to homeroom our teacher would make her put tape on her jeans over the rips, the crazy thing was the rips weren’t showing any skin. Day after day of the same issue, it became repetitive, and our teacher was irritated with telling her the same thing everyday. One day she was called to the office, they told that she needed to wear a…show more content…
School’s should focus on learning, growing as a person and learning life skills, not what you chose to wear. Dress code can draw attention to student that are breaking dress code. This could then led to name calling. According to school systems “trashy clothing” defies school codes, but what is a school to decide what is “trashy” and what isn’t. If the school says a certain type of clothing is “trashy”, then what example are they leaving for the students that attend yhat school. Imagine you are sitting in class doing your work, then you are called out to go to the office and demanded you to change clothes, wouldn't you be embarrassed? Word would spread of the incident which might start bullying to take place. For a school system that is so intolerant of bullying amongst children they sure do give children the opportunity to make fun of each other. A main reason that dress code is enforced is because other students are distracted by what other people wear. Cases of strict dress code can be served than just being told you can wear something. According to an article I read published the Richmond School of Law,“In Evanston, Illinois, school officials banned leggings because they were "too distracting" for boy students. In New Jersey, high school girls were prohibited from wearing strapless dresses to prom because they, too, were distracting. Florida, a new student who inadvertently
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