School Needs Assessment And Community Conversations

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School needs assessment and community conversations This was definitely a much hard task to complete than I had anticipated from the beginning. The thought by me was some research and I should be able to find then necessary information. However, the simple fact that as a private school system, we do not need to do a lot of these public school state-mandated items. I looked for a long while and was finally excited to find a school needs assessment for Wahlert. Two things jumped out at me at as I started to read: 1. the name of the school was Wahlert and not Wahlert Catholic which meant that it was older than 8 years. 2. It was for Wahlert and not Holy Family which meant it predated 2001. The actual date was 1999 and was really no help since a lot of things have changed since then. Further exploration led me to find the math, reading, and science testing data for our system and for Wahlert. Along with that, I was able to find our demographic breakdown for the schools in the system. The information was really basic as I compared it to the Dubuque Community Schools on the same Iowa government website. This did allow me to compare the scores for math, science, and reading between ourselves and the public schools. This was at least so form of community conversation as our local paper published the data as well. Though, most of the time the private schools will be slightly mention or mentioned on another day so as to not lead to comparisons being drawn between the

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