School Related Stress For Adolescents

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Coinciding with other studies similar to it, a recent survey in Calgary decided to not only test the theory that school-related stress for adolescents may be factor in developing depression, but to also compare these results for average high school students with their peers afflicted by learning disabilities (LD). It’s no secret that mental illnesses (including depression) have escalated for schoolchildren in the past few years, but this has lead researches to question whether the same is true for young adults that also have to cope with LD-and whether or not this increase is higher for them. Past academic failure and an elevated level of frustration in school could be potential factors in increased levels of stress for adolescents with LD as it pertains to their education, as could a sense of helplessness, decreased or negative social interaction, and tense teacher-student relationships. For the common teenager, stress can come from a variety of sources, including relationships, academic performance (not limited to tests, homework, and grades), family life, and other areas. Different to the hypothesized outcome, there was no indication that adolescents with LD were more prone to stress (and therefore depression). This was then theorized to be the result of a connection between student and teacher formed during closer interactions compared to the common student. The study did confirm that there is a correlation between school-related stress and depression amongst high school
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