School Schools Vs. Public Schools

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Education, the action or process of teaching someone especially in a school, college, or university. () Education is a valuable asset to the lives of many individuals all across the world indefinitely in the grades of Kindergarten to twelfth grade. The type of education varies on the location of the school whether it is an urban school, rural school, suburban school, religious school or even a private school. Educators work on daily basis to create an impact on students who they have encounters with. Having different school types to choose from is beneficial to a student as well as the student’s family.
Urban school districts are defined as education facilities that provide education to students who live in metropolitan areas. Urban school districts exist within areas with a large population of students living in the area. Urban school districts tends to lack funds needed to create a successful work environment for the students. “Poverty rates among children are higher in urban locations than in the surrounding suburban or rural areas, which translates into higher concentrations of poor students in urban public schools ().” This means that a high percentage of students attending an urban elementary school come from a family who are poor and typically receives benefited from the government such as Medicaid, Food Stamps and or housing assistance. In a study of 57 urban school districts in 35 states, the Council of the Great City Schools has found that test scores are
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