School Uniforms In Public Schools

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There is a lot of controversy when the subject of school uniforms is brought up. The subject of school uniforms has been in argument for a while now. Some believe that uniforms are not needed in public schools, but I disagree. I speculate that they are good for schools and that every student should have to wear one. Every student has struggled at some point in time trying to figure out what they want to wear. When students are indecisive they often feel emotions of frustration, anger, and disappointment. They could possibly try so hard to find something to wear that they give up. If students are told that they have to wear a uniform, they do not panic. Because they no longer have to stress about finding the perfect outfit. The stress of wearing the right thing is over and they can sleep in longer, which will hopefully improve their grades. Researchers at McGill University and the Douglas Mental Health University Institute in Montreal held a study to research if sleep improved student’s grades. Their data proved to them that sleep did improve grades. The head phycologist Reut Gurber, said, “Short or poor sleep is a significant factor for poor academic performance that is frequently ignored.” Having a uniform policy will benefit the student’s life because they will get more sleep. School uniforms will also prevent the display of gang paraphernalia. Students having to wear a neutral color uniform will prevent them from wearing gang colors to promote the gang. Gang members
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