School Uniforms Should Not Get Them Bullied, It Depends On The Bully

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What a child is wearing will not get them bullied, it depends on the bully. Making uniforms mandatory in efforts to decrease bullying, only teaches our children that the only way to be accepted is by conforming which is not what we should be pushing for. It’s important to attack the problem by the root. A lot of times the bully may be going through something in their life outside of school which is why they’re lashing out at others. If all the school systems do to fix bullying is make their students wear uniforms, then what will they do once the cliques start to form. At this age, the nature of a child is the same in or out of a uniform and will find any and everything to point out or laugh at. Through their relationships with others, children are able to gain a greater awareness of their social mores and expectations, they begin to get a feel for who they are and the social roles open to them. With this, it is important to remember children do not learn to be bullies because of what they are wearing It is extremely important for children, especially, the ones in primary schools, to successfully begin and complete this stage. The matter concerning uniforms sits on the cusp of the wide ranging debates and challenged views which effect childhood, social inclusion, equality and they’re safety (Behling 43). In School Uniforms and person perception, Behling is looking at the change in apparent behavior of students once they are introduced to uniforms. Erik Erikson was a

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