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According to the Random House Dictionary (n.d.), attraction is referred to as allurement or enticement, or in physics terms, a magnetic force between oppositely charged bodies that draws them together. But in a field that is not tangible, such as social psychology, defining attraction is a bit more complex, as there is no magnetic force between humans. There are often no words to explain why one becomes attracted to a specific individual. Psychologists have proposed five factors that best determine attractions. These factors can be apparent in exchange and communal approaches, intimacy levels determined by attachment styles, and how relationships are maintained or ended through different theories. The five factors associated with …show more content…

The equity theory of relationships is the idea that people are happiest in a relationship when they feel there is a balance between their costs and benefits, as well as a balance between what the two individuals are giving (Aronson et al., 2013). Under equity theory are either exchange or communal relationships. In exchange relationships, individuals immediately expect rewards in return for their costs and equity is more consciously kept track of. Communal relationships put less focus on equity and individuals actually enjoy helping the other partner even if without repayment (Aronson et al., 2013). In relationship development, the exchange approach may be used more commonly in order to not feel taken advantage of and create a balance in the relationship. Relationship maintenance will often require transitioning to a communal approach to the relationship. This is characteristic of long-term and intimate relationships because people are no longer counting costs and benefits, but rather focusing on helping the other and thinking that things will eventually balance themselves out (Aronson et al., 2013). These approaches may be affected by the individuals’ similarities. If their values and attitudes are similar, there is a chance their actions will be, as well. Attachment styles impact intimacy in friendships and relationships. According to Aronson et al. (2013), attachment style refers to the expectation people have about their relationships,

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