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Introduction and Review of TIMS Sessions Link To begin with, upon visiting SCR website I find that the SCR website accompanies the Shelly Cashman Series Systems Analysis and Design text and is a fictitious company used as the focus of a case study. Upon further review of the site, moving through the bulleted list, first entered was the Data Library. This has subsections for SCR Functions and Organization which lists committees and group members; SCR Training Records section has two sample months of training records that includes the company, contact person, phone, title of training course, etc, then there is a JAD Session Example, which is basically a written summary of the discussion of the joint application design meeting that is to…show more content…
As experts, they are reliable and take all business needs seriously and at the same time recommend the perfect solution for each client. Some of Marathon’s services include backup and disaster recovery, proactive monitoring and maintenance, remote Help Desk, onsite/offsite data storage solutions, installing/maintaining network security, firewall management, network maintenance, VOIP system maintenance, and server administration. As well, Marathon offers virtualization and Cloud Computing because the traditional server-desktop infrastructure although still valuable in today’s businesses, the changeover to virtualization is quickly approaching ( As a result, the demand from many software vendors is to have a single server for their application as this ensures that operations are at peak performance. However, the problem is with multiple applications, they require isolation, and the infrastructure grows unnecessarily and by providing this service, virtualization and Cloud Computing make sense and Marathon provides this solution. Finally, Dataprise IT Consulting considers factors in today’s IT projects to bring about more than just functional challenges, they work on issues such as security, scalability, redundancy, information architecture and speed of performance. In fact, these are just a few of the criteria that are
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