Selected Organization : Pepsi, The World 's Leading Food And Beverage Company

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Selected Organization: Pepsi Introduction of the company With inclusion of 22 major brands worldwide, Pepsi is one of the world’s leading food and Beverage Company with $ 22 billion retail sales annual and over $66 billion net revenue in the year 2013 alone. The portfolio provides more choices for the customers, extending to lower costs, more productivity, enhancements and trust among the masses. The brand Pepsi is world famous for initiating the carbonated soft drink and up till this moment, the brand continues to uphold the legacy of the drink its ancestors introduced in much more excitement and variation. Identify Identification of the customers The Brand’s products are sold around the world hence the company finds customers all through out the world.. Pepsi manufactures markets and sells beverage concentrates and finished goods under various beverage brands. The company has extended its lineup since inception to offer top-selling choices the consumer demands and evolving lifestyle. Goals regarding customers As a huge multinational company, Pepsi wants to ensure its business to be vigorous enough to withstand risks and opportunities in the longer term and be able to deliver sustained financial performance. In 2008, Forum for the Future worked with Pepsi to develop a set of global scenarios in which they might be operating in 2030.The project not only highlighted the major issues globally that Pepsi needs to respond to, but also built support and enthusiasm for a

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