Self Esteem In Communication

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Self-esteem is your assessment of your worth, value, skills, abilities, talents and appearance. Communication can enhance self-esteem because when you know how to communicate effectively, you are able to express yourself in a clear and precise manner, which in turn, would boost your self-esteem about communicating. When you are able to convey positive thoughts or gestures, or have them conveyed to you, it’s no doubt a good feeling. When I feel that I’m communicating clearly and effectively, my confidence and self-perception is always increased, versus feeling unconfident when I can’t find the right words to say to express my thoughts and feelings. Self-awareness is a very critical skill for improving self-esteem because you need to know your true self, to differentiate yourself from your peers or social group and how to express and communicate who it is you are to others. The more aware you are of who you are and your strengths and the ability you have to highlight them versus focus on what you lack, will ultimately give you a better relationship with others and more importantly, yourself. I experienced noise as the sender when my best friend called me the other day. While we were talking, she was also talking to her husband in between words spoken to me. She asked me the same questions again after I had already answered once before. I have experienced noise as a receiver when I have nodded my head vigorously at my boyfriend saying the words, “I am getting you,”

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