Self Reflection on Wellness Promotion

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Introduction Everyone expects a high quality life, while the definition of “high-quality” among different individuals varies. A more general definition might be to achieve “Wellness”. The concept of “Wellness” is stated as a life-long process that at any given time produces a positive state of personal well-being, of feeling good about oneself, of optimal physical, psychological, and social functioning, and the control and minimization of internal and external risk factors for both diseases and negative health conditions (Anspaugh, Hamrick, & Rosato, 2006). To be more specific, wellness should be achieved in fulfilling 7 aspects: Physical, Spiritual, Intellectual, Occupational, Environmental, Social and Emotional. Stress Control…show more content…
When I am under stressed situation, it is easy for me to review the previous defeated experiences, such as being hurt, disappointed, loses, and embarrassed. Such bad experiences make me more tensed and lead to another failure. The author encourages people to conduct “self-talk”. Each time when I feel tense, I could try to say some supporting words to myself (e.g. I can do it, I have learned and improved from last failure), try not to think about the poor experiences and negative wordings to discourage myself, hence to reduce the high pressure in facing different situations. Self acceptance Believing ourselves is also necessary since it can build up self confidence. It is undeniably we need others’ appreciation and confirmation; however we cannot rely on it. We should not just do the things appreciated by others and ask for their acceptance, it is impossible to be accepted by everyone in real situation. We should trust ourselves and our own values sometimes, yet if we being criticized, it is also needed to review our performance, admit and correct the fault if we really make it. We should gain experiences from each failure and fault as to be improved in the future. Also, we should discover our strengths since it can give us confidence about ourselves and let us show better performance. Having enough self confidence could reduce the stress when facing unfamiliar situations; it is no doubt that preparation can also lower the stress too. Supportive motto
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