Services in Marketing

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 Services marketing are crucial compared to product marketing because services are generally produced while serving the prospect and consumed on the spot and it cannot be stored.
 7p’s of marketing help the company to know and evaluate the interaction between the customers and business, which helps to create successful marketing plan.
Telecom service industry:
 Bharti Airtel is and Indian company offering telecommunication services in 19 countries.
 Airtel is market leader in cellular network
 7p’s of Airtel are: o Product: Airtel pre-paid. Airtel postpaid. Blackberry wireless handheld. Value added services(VAS) such as: Call diverting, call waiting, and call hold. Instant balance enquiry. 24 hrs recharging facility. SMS facility. Multimedia messaging service. Features like chat, games, ringtones etc. GPRS. o Price: Pricing of Airtel company is controlled by TRAI. It provides customer based pricing schemes. Monthly price plans are provided. Special rewards are provided on usage. o Place: Airtel Company has its service points in the remotest areas. Its presence is wide and extensive. It offers services in 17 countries. It has many customer care touch points. Airtel distributors are paan shops, chemists, grocery stores, outlets, mobile shops etc. o Promotion: Airtel Company has large scale print and videos advertising. Airtel had undertaken excellent personalized promotion strategy by allowing the customer to choose best

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