Sexual Abuse Definition, Effects and Recovery

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Sexual Abuse
Definition, Effects and Recovery xxxxxx Liberty University

Abstract This paper presents a clear definition of sexual abuse, pinpoints vulnerable conditions for somebody to become a victim of it, as well as finds relation between abusers/offenders and victims; this paper explains some factors of sexual abuse and its longer-term effects and also outlines phases for recovery.

Introduction Sexual abuse can be of different forms and in different conditions. Sexual abuse is defined as the engage of a person in sexual activities that he or she does not understand, to which he or she can 't give consent for many reasons as age or disabilities,
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In a study performed on a group of 35 mentally retarded females from a residential treatment facility, it was examined by the child abuse medical team at Harbor/UCLA Medical Center after one inpatient was found to be pregnant. No patient was able to provide an explanation but 37% of patients who had genital findings we believe are consistent with prior vaginal penetration some of them showed signs of healed lacerations. Study also concluded that developmentally disabled persons need an advocate in the medical and legal systems, they are also in disadvantage since many of them are not able to talk, understand or give details of the abuse to medical staff. According to a study done by the University of California named “Sexual abuse in the developmentally disabled: Dilemmas of diagnosis” by Sandra L. Elvik, Carol D. Berkowitz, Elisa Nicholas, Jenifer Lindley Lipman, Stanley H. Inkelis Whenever possible, a team approach is recommended to decrease the work load and frustration and provide competent support. Disabled people are at an exceptionally high risk of being victims of sexual abuse and becoming involved in the criminal justice system. It is extremely difficult for the intellectually disabled and greater attention needs to be paid to their needs; beginning with the challenge they represent for forensic and criminal law practice. Victims with intellectual
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