Shooting Free Throw

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Shooting Free Throws.

Shooting free throws should be the easiest thing about basketball, but some people just cannot get the hang of it. It seems to be easy because of the word ‘free’, and there is no defence. You are unguarded, straight in front of the basket, and only 15 feet away. Free throws haunt players at every level of basketball. A free throw is only worth one point when made, but one point can win or lose you the game. I will be telling you the perfect form and technique to shooting and making a free throw.

First, you have to find a way to get in the zone and be comfortable. Everyone is focused on you, but you need to be focusing on the shot you're about to take. That is a lot easier said than done because there are millions of eyes watching just you. The fans, cheerleaders, and the mascots are just a few of the distractions. When practicing your freethrow always have a mental thought like you’re in the game and you're going to sink it. Nothing else matters once you’re on the free throw line, you need to be clear minded to take a good shot.
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No one has the exact same shooting routine, you will just have to come up with one on your own. A routine will help to get you in the zone and get you concentrated on the shot you are about to take. Most guys are somewhat similar with their free throw routine. They usually walk to the free throw line, dribble a couple times, spin the ball, and keep an eye on their target the entire time. That helps to blur the distractions and get you fully focused on the free
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