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On a calm summers morning in the year 2018, Jack went to work at In-N-Out burger. He was flipping burgers and making milkshakes when his boss came over to remind him about his lunch break. Jack hopped in the car and drove near the Dolby Theater to Subway for lunch. He gave his order and waited for his sandwich. Jack looked out the window and saw the busy hustle and bustle of downtown LA. He saw the stars of celebrities and the crazy traffic, the tall buildings and the crazy culture. Moments later his sandwich was ready and he drove into the standstill traffic. Jack looked at his phone in the motionless traffic and found his lunch break had ended. Jack became stressed as his hopes of making it back to work was zero to none. Jack attempted …show more content…

He looked out and saw the whole city covered by the smoke he was once in. He kept up the climb and he was in the thick of the clouds. Jack then took his phone’s flash to see as visibility was low. Hours later, Jack finally reached a platform at the top of the giant cell tower. He looked about and found himself in downtown LA. He was confused and walked around the unknown area. Jack was walking down main street and passed by the Dolby Theater he had pass hours before he reached this alternate replica of the city he had always known. Jack was dazed and confused by this replica as he was the only one. Then Jack heard a sound coming from behind, a sound he did not recognize. He turned to see what it was but he could barely see in the thick haze. As the object moved closer Jack started a slow jog to the Subway he was at hours before but in a different dimension. Jack now started to run and flung open the door in panic. He scurried into Subway and hid under a table. Jack looked thought a small window to see what it was and he saw a Chevy Camaro pull up to the curb. Jack became scared and kept himself quiet and hidden. He looked out the window once more and saw a figure get out of the car. The figure was wearing a black jacket and frightened Jack. The figure began a slow jog toward the Subway and stopped in front of the door. The figure took a device out of his pocket and the device began to scan the area.

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