Should Abortion Be Legal?

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The subject of abortion is a controversial one that has been debated for years. Some people believe that it is immoral and unsafe, yet others believe abortions give women choice. As a young adult woman who has never given birth, I understand both sides of the argument, yet I argue that the risks of abortions outweigh the benefit of them. I argue that abortions should be illegal. Mothers should not be able to decide whether or not a baby gets a chance to live or not. In my opinion, babies and adults, no matter the age, should have the right to live no matter the condition. I believe that other people should not be able to choose if another human being lives or dies. According to Abortion, personhood begins at conception, …show more content…

According to the cover story, “The Feminist Case Against Abortion”, it is stated that in all forms of abortions, it has masked-rather than solve-the problems women face. Motherhood could be what a mother makes it out to be. Either the parent can love the child and enjoy their time as a mother to one of God 's wonderful blessings or they can simply regret the presence or thought of a child. “The Feminist Case Against Abortion,” also states that abortions are failed experiments on women. I agree with this cover story as to why celebrate failure? In a personal opinion, motherhood is an event someone can cherish and make memories while doing for forever. I believe that if a woman is considering to have an abortion done, she should ask around to other mothers about motherhood and I could guarantee they would not trade that special event for anything in the World. I believe that these women considering having the procedure of an abortion done may need to do some research on how it is done. These women need to know that the abortion procedure is very cruel and inhumane.
I simply do not understand how anyone in the World could put an innocent baby through the cruel event of an abortion. According to the procedure that is done by the doctor is according to how far long the mother is. During a trimester aspiration abortion, meaning the mother is four to seven weeks pregnant, the doctors are able to give mothers local anesthesia.

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