Should Women Wear Makeup For Themselves?

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The Survey I decided to create is about makeup. More importantly, why women or men, wear makeup. The list of question I proved for people to answer will help me understand why people wear makeup. I chose to do this survey because lately there has been much topic on if women wear makeup for themselves or to attract men. This survey will help me answer this question.
The first question I asked was if the interviewee even wore makeup. This question was listed first to see if the person doing the survey was relevant for the study. For this particular survey, I would want to know why the participant wore makeup. If a person did not and took the survey, they would not be relevant to the study. This was a closed ended question. This question is closed ended because the reason why is not needed. It will be discovered by the end of the survey.
The second question was how long the participant spends putting on makeup. This question would help show how much the participant cares to take the time out of their day to alter their face. The answer to this question will not necessarily describe the reasons behind why the participant wears makeup, but it will show us how important it is to them to apply it. The answers to this question are close ended, but there are more options than the first. The options are a variety of different times it takes them to apply their makeup. Each time would allow the participant to express how much of an interest apply makeup holds to them. The less amount

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