Shouldice Hospital Case

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The Shouldice Hospital was created by Dr. Edward Earle Shouldice who is the inventor of the Shouldice method which is a hernia surgery designed to reduce recovery time and improve surgical results. The method was in response to men who couldn’t enlist in the military due to complications and it would quickly restore their physical fitness for military training. Due to high demand and scarce hospital space, Dr. Shouldice decided to open up his own hospital specializing in his unique hernia repair method. At the Shouldice hospital, only external types of hernias were performed creating a facility that offers expertise and specialization in their service. There are numerous characteristics of the Shouldice hospital that differ from most…show more content…
Since Shouldice has competitive advantages in price, surgery technique, time of recovery, and customer service they attract a customer who is looking for an experience as well as quality care. Many customers are physically active and looking to get back to work quickly with minimal rehab time. The typical Shouldice patient is probably someone who values their time and resources but still wants to live a healthy lifestyle. They primarily use referrals from other patient’s experiences when choosing to use Shouldice. Since they are using positive word of mouth promotion when making their choice, many new patients enter this experience with a prediction of what to expect based on feedback they have received from friends, family members, or acquaintances that have used the hospital’s services. Because of this, their adequate level of service is higher and their zone of tolerance smaller making the hospital’s room for error very small. Characteristics of service quality such as reliability, responsiveness, empathy, assurance, and tangibles that the hospital obtains all help to increase the brand image and position in the marketplace. Reliability and assurance are two performance characteristics acquired through educated, experienced, and efficient surgeons who perform 600 or more external hernia operations a year (industry average is 25-50). Patients

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