Similarities And Differences Between Two University

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Each university is different in it is own way, because in each building there are different nations, faculties, and majors as well as the atmosphere of the university. However, sometimes there are some common features between two universities and that build a similarity between the two. In the education city at Qatar, there are more than six different universities; each university is majoring in a specific major. For example, Texas A&M University at Qatar is offering a degree in engineering and Northwestern University at Qatar is offering a degree in communication and journalism. There are similar features between both of the universities, and at the same time, each university is different in a way.
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So simply, one university is majoring in a science field, and the other one is more practical. The difference causes differences in the method of studying in these universities. Each university required a specific method of studying, for instance, studying engineering required understanding math and physics concepts and the ability to solve equations. However, studying communication and journalism required an understanding of the historical and political topics and the ability to read and write fast. As a result, a different type of work needs to be done for each university because they are different. As an illustration, at Northwestern University, the students need to write many reflections and research and read the newspapers to see what is happening the world to major in this field. However, at Texas A&M, the students need to study calculus and mechanics and understand the process of how the object is working to be an engineer. In other words, TAMUQ required understanding and hard studying and NUQ required practicing and
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