Single Sex High Schools Essay

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Single-Sex High Schools
Would Increase Educational Success
Deborah Sarmiento
Strayer University
Professor Sonja Sheffield
September 6, 2013

Our educational system is broken. It is struggling today not just because of the problems of undisciplined children, the pressure from legislators to raise test scores, the lack of funds, parents fears for their children’s safety, overwhelmed teachers; it is also struggling because we are graduating children that do not have the tools necessary to fill out an employment application.

Single-sex high schools
The single-sex format creates opportunities that do not exist in the coed classrooms. Single-sex education has been growing in popularity since the 2002 “No child …show more content…

The single biggest factor Whitmire cites is literacy, and he does make some excellent points. The way schools work, literacy is taught in earlier grades but later it’s assumed. When you take high school courses the teacher does not make sure you know how to read. They simply want you to know the science, math, history, or any other subject. But if boys fail to master reading and writing early on, then the problem just gets compounded in middle school and high school. Whitmire draws a comparison between giving boys extra help with reading and configuring math and science courses to be more attractive to girls. Reading those three books gave me a great list of survey questions for my neighbors of middle school and high school children.
Do boys and girls learn differently?
Are boys’ and girls’ brains hardwired for different abilities?
How do boys’ and girls’ brains differ?
Do boys and girls respond differently to competition?
What do girls and boys gain by playing together?
Do sex hormones affect learning?
Is there an age at which single-sex or coeducation is especially advantageous?
What can boys and girls learn from each other?
Can single-sex schooling be harmful?
If high-income families can

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