Smokestack Adverts

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In the 21st century, people are watching tons of advertising from TV, internet and magazine. All of the advertising have an own means what the creator want to send a message to people. Sometime from the same advertising, all people might think differently. Without explaining about the advertising from creator, there is no answer about the message. That is why the creator must make directly what they are wanted to say. Most of adverting is video from the TV. Into 3minutes video, the company shows that what they want to notify their products. How about the poster? How creators send the message to people? The poster or picture advertisement just shows the image to people and let people explain themselves. Let’s see this advertising. The creator …show more content…

This means without the high knowledge, the message of advertising must deliver the message to the people. All people have a different culture, personality and background, so based on the personal knowledge people might feel differently when they see same advertising. As we can see this advertising, all people know about the gun, as well as the danger of gun, too. Furthermore, most of people know that smokestack. When people burning something it makes a smoke, so from the smokestack the burning smoke goes out from the sky. We must think about why the creator combined the gun and smokestack. The answer is that scarcity of the gun from smokestack damages our nature. Air pollution is one of the major factors of global warming. More and more people burn stuff, our ecosystem damages it. Not only damages ecosystem, but also threaten our planet the earth. From the advertising, all people must learn without earth, all human being cannot survive into earth. Additionally, this advertisement is simple to make it and simple to use it. The government can use the poster into any other on factory or house wall. It is very simple and easy to posting it form …show more content…

More and more people are seeing about this advertisement, people try to reduce, recycle and reproduce the products. Everyday people use tons of paper, so the factory operates the machine 24 hours, without the break. What if small number of people tries to reuse the paper, recycle the plastic and glass? Maybe one tiny advertisement can changes the world. Furthermore, nowadays people share information with SNS (social network system). It is one of the greatest methods that lots of companies are using it in 21 century. From the small image some people may try to recycle and reproduce the products, however, some people just ignore the advertisement. For overall, one thing that all human being cannot traverse issues is the earth is dying for the human. Maybe it is the best timing that all people must realize the scarcity of global warming, because most of the gas from the fuel factory when the company try to extract oil. I hope that as soon as possible, people see this advertisement and try to save the

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