Social Enterprise Book Report

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I’ve learned from this Book “Social Enterprise (An Introduction)” by Ken Stratford that sharing to your own community will help the community grow and by that means it will create humanity because helping people who are in need is caring because “sharing is caring” It will create a special bond to our brothers and sisters of the community and by that means we are getting more closer to God. And I learned that Social Enterprise is a way of giving back and sharing our blessing to others as I’ve said earlier. ‘Doing well by doing good’ makes us to have a fulfillment in life and at the same time having a purpose in life. Social Enterprise means that helping others to achieved their goals and as I read this book I learned that Social Enterprise has connection of “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a…show more content…
Based on the book I was also adores how wealthy people still tries to help others despite that they are already well-off. I adore Will Gates and Melinda Gates I see their compassion in people who are in need the most, I saw how did they try their best to help people they give almost their wealth for cancer research and more. I also adore Brett Wilson and how he was so inspired with Mother Teresa’s quotation of ‘no act of charity is too small.’ And I agree with that we never knew how big our help for the others. Maybe for us it is just small but for them it is big that it can saves their lives. And also I like James Gutierrez because he tells us that it is not just about qualifying an applicant based on his/her skills and talents but yet considering her belief in your business and if he/she gives values with your Mission for your business that the employee must not distract you from your
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