Social Networking And Its Effect On Society

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Advancing technology has played a part in the new methods of communication and with being very social creatures, who experiment with new ways of socializing, have found a new way to connect. Social Networking websites have changed how the world connects with friends and family, changing from the traditional ways of connecting with others like face-to-face connections. Many concerned themselves that social networking friendships centered on expectations that sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and more would be used primarily to build online friendships between physically separated individuals lacking face-to-face interactions. These sources are becoming what people rely on to meet and stay in touch with friends and family. Shannon Vallor in Social Networking and Ethics states that “Within five years of Facebook’s launch, . . . a significant majority of SNS users were relying on these sites primarily to maintain and enhance relationships . . . with whom they also had a strong offline connection…” (2015). Has social media become an alternative way people communicate instead of face-to-face interactions? Technology has advanced to a point where people can communicate through a computer in such websites like Facebook, Myspace, and more. Has this created an alternative way of communicating with friends and taking away from face-to-face conversations? According to Lisa M. Flaherty (1998), a widely cited scholar in the field of communications, computer-mediated
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