Social Studies School Based Assessment

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Acknowledgement The successful completion of this study would not have been possible or successful without the help of some persons. First the researcher would like to thank the heavenly father for wisdom; knowledge and understanding for making the completion of this project a success, special thanks to the subject teacher who helped a lot in guidance every step of the way. I would also like to thank my parents assisting me and also for their financial support, my peers for sharing their resources, and most importantly I would like to thank all the respondants for answering my questionnaires. I am expressing my gratitude for your help and it was greatly appreciated. Introduction Statement of Problem Do you think slow…show more content…
The child promoted could feel inferior to the fast learners There would be a disadvantage to the slow learners when compared to the fast learners The fast learners could become discourage to doing well in school All of the above 19. Explain how any of the conflicts can be resolved? Separate the slow learners from the fast learners Giving private lessons for slow learners to catch up in school work Mix the slow learners with the fast learners so that the slow learners can get help All of the above 20. How will slow learners be affected if they are automatically promoted to another grade? Continue not to do well Will not want to go extra miles in getting work done They won’t be able to get the necessary term’s work Other Procedures Used To Collect Data A total of 25 questionnaires were prepared for distribution to persons living in the Bartica area. The questionnaires were distributed between sixth and seventh Avenue, the names of persons who the questionnaires were given to were recorded. Each respondent was given two weeks to answer the questionnaire. After the given time was up the researcher was fortunate to collect all questionnaires from each respondent. The information collected was then presented on various graphs. Presentation And Explanation Of Data Figure (1) Bar graph showing the main disadvantage of Automatic Promotion. The graphs simply shows that six (6) person indicated that the main disadvantage is school dropouts while four
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